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H & G Powder Painting

The goal of H & G is to build alliances with our customers. To provide value added services to manufactures and create long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

It seems that each of our 150 customers has unique requirements, a challenge we embrace. Identification & satisfaction of these needs is the key to our success. Experience is vital! H & G, operating since 1985, offers 3 key personnel, Production, Sales and Plant Manager with a combined 61 yrs experience, all at H & G.

H & G is lucky to have employees who care and take pride in the Total Quality of the final finish. 55 full time employees operating 3 automated powder lines 16 hours a day gives us the capacity and flexibility to meet your needs.

H & G's superior pre-treatment systems & premium powders means your products will receive the highest consistency finish. Your finished products will have greater durability, excellent adhesion, preventing the possibility of flaking, bubbling and minimizing the possibility of corrosion.

Company History and Product Base

H & G started its powder painting operations in 1986 and for the first few years underwent changes in both ownership and management until 1993 when the current owner, Ken Giles, acquired the business. It now operates as H & G Powder Painting.

RadEX Powder Coating started in 2001 as a new division primarily to apply UV curable powders to non metallic substrates such as MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).

Our customer base includes automotive, military, office, health care and furniture manufactures of all sizes.

The most important asset of H & G / RADEX is its employees. The well being and security of our employees is dependent upon the soundness and security of both of our divisions.


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